With the tough economic times that are being experienced in the world, accountants are more fundamental to the success of most businesses. Are you good in numbers? Or do you have a mastery for money matters? If yes, then accounting is a profession to pursue. But who are accountants? Accountants are people who have been conferred with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and in some countries are required to have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Licensing of accountants is done by the state’s board of accountancy which helps them increase their prospects.
American Association of Public Accountants, established in 1887, was the first accomplished association for accountants and it wasn’t until 1896, that the first CPAs were licensed – after it was realised that accounting is of great importance.
Contrary to popular belief, an accountant’s job is more than just crunching numbers. Their primary work is to prepare and analyse financial records. They ensure accuracy of records and payments of taxes are properly done and in good time.
The following is an accountant’s job description:
> Ensuring statements are accurate through examination>Keeping books of accounts and accounting systems up to date through frequent inspection>Provision of auditing services for individuals and firms>Maintain and organise financial records>Calculation of taxes and preparation of tax returns
Most accountants specialise according to their client’s needs and type of firm. There are four main types of accountants namely: Government accountants, Public accountants, Management accountants and internal auditors. These main types of accountants have a unique cross-over potential in business. They can move from one type to another in their careers.
In response to the high public profile corporate scandals and financial crises, interest in accounting has experienced tremendous growth. Accounting as a profession, demands high level of integrity and morality since the financial data that accountants prepare is used by managers to run their firms.